Hippie Healing (plus a Giveaway)

I am currently running around with some serious face sweat, trying to condense three weeks worth of clothing and toiletries into one carry-on suitcase and a backpack from the 90’s.

Clothing-wise, I’m fine. It’s the toiletries that always pose a bit of a nuclear disaster tiny hiccup. I have a hard time condensing all the things I think I need into that stupid little condom wrapper-sized TSA plastic ziplock (who doesn’t, I mean– AIRPLANES, AMIRIGHT? Tip your waitress, guys!) and so I want to give a shout out to a line of products that are making my life easier with their tiny size and massive abilities.

The people over at SkinFare recently sent me an assortment of their incredibly rad products– all made in Ashville, NC, the mecca of nonconformity and vegenaise– and I am LOVING their all-natural products so much I don’t even mind that they are good for me. Even my cold, processed heart was moved by  the fact that their products are 100% organic, powerfully pure, and they smell fascinating. Like, I have been sticking them up my nose all week just to figure out which one I like best. Currently at the top?

This one, called THUNDERCAKE:

Picture 3

Coincidently also the name of my ZZTop cover band.


Yell that out loud, it’s liberating.

Look at those ingredients! It literally contains nothing unnatural. It is basically a plant. Even the fucking PACKAGING is compostable. (Do not throw them out your car window just because you technically can. That is gross. Be an adult.)

They are small, super moisturizing without being oily, they’re a SOLID so you know TSA can’t say shit to you about your crazy body cream being too big to fly, and they’re lightly scented with such unexpected combinations of essential oils. They smell INTERESTING, and I mean that in a good way.

(Not like when you’re all, she is So Interesting Looking! which everyone knows is just code for HER CRAZY HOOK NOSE IS SO BIG IT LOOKS LIKE A PLANET.)

Very important to me: I have a great distaste for products that smell like something a 13 year old prostitute might take a liking to. If taken prisoner and pressed for details about….something….my torture would involve being misted in the face with Cucumber Melon Bodyspray for ten seconds, which is exactly how long it would take me to crack and give up the….codes…to something. And then there would be an epic montage of me being forced to do horrible things to my fellow captured marine, all under the threat of being forced to wear TommyGirl or use Victoria’s Secret body butter.

Oh man, how great is Homeland? Anyway.

Picture 4

These are just great. They smell herbal and edible and beautiful and intoxicatingly complicated, like your college roommate from Montreal who was way cooler than you and listened to French rap and smoked bidis and made experimental art and Oh, god, I have so many unresolved issues from college, clearly. I layer them and put them on places where my skin is extra dry and sensitive (like around my mouth and my hands and my ankles and basically my entire body because I am a parched, reactive baby.)

I like a good spicy-scented  salve as much as the next girl, but what I REALLY like is one that I can pack in lieu of three other products when I am traveling, because that saves me space for other superfluous things, like false eyelashes shaped like deer. One stick of Skinfare is now taking the place of my hand cream, my chapstick and my  hair oil. I am basically the most efficient packer in the world now.

AND, Because I am a kind, gracious, lovely person, I will share the hippie-multitasking love with the first five people to email me, subject SKINFARE GIVEAWAY.

Hit me up, ladies, let’s get crazy, get moisturized, be all natural and smell like a verdant meadow:  putthisonyourface@gmail.com


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